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Please don’t be tempted to drink during your cleanse… it just won’t be a cleanse at then will it?!! As you can see from Ables post where he quoted me (thanks for that mate, why am I always the naughty girl who’s used as an example?!!) I drank wine at 6 weeks. Up until that point I’d been exclusive to the point of OCD on the cleanse, the diet, the antifungals, the oil pulling, the vitamin & mineral supplements, the saunas… So I though at 6 weeks I was ready for a cheat but I was very wrong. It set me back for about a month and it took me ages to get back to the same point in my progress physically and it was a huge blow mentally as well. I got quite down on myself there for a while.

That said… I tried again at 9 weeks on New Year Eve (because I was thinking sod it I’m still back at square one, I’m wasting my time here!) and lo & behold the reaction wasn’t nearly as extreme. I still felt exhausted and hungover for nearly a week and had only had about 5 weak spritzers (about 2 full glass of white wine in total) and a glass of bubbly at midnight.

I then didn’t drink again til 11 weeks and that was 1 very weak spritzer (1/3 glass white wine) and have build up to just over a glass worth now… just once a week. I also take extra liver detox supps (milk thistle, dandelion root) that morning, that night after the wine and the following morning… as well as extra lemon tea before & after.

I’m away for the weekend next weekend and plan to have a couple Fri & Sat night so that’ll be the first time I’ll be drinking 2 nights in a row… If I live to tell the tale I’ll let you know how I get on! Although it’ll be difficult to seperate the effects of the wine from the food because I’ll also be dining out 3 meals a day over 3 days.

Be strong! You can do this and it’ll ve more than worth it in the long run!