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I think this message posted by ‘LucyLu’ back in December should answer all of your questions concerning alcohol and Candida.

“So was out for a meal on Thursday night. Totally stuck to the diet (food wise) but chanced a half glass of dry white wine…
Saturday night some friends called over with a bottle of wine and thought what the heck, I’m fine with 1 glass!! So had one.
BUT by sunday morning my hands started to crack and bleed… I got a big sore beside my mouth, 2 on my finger and a huge weeping sore on my leg. And my face had a scaly prickly rash. By last night my face, the backs of my hands and up my under arms were covered in a dark red raised rash and I looked awful – pale, sunken dark eyes, all blotchy.”

(thanks, Luce)