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catlover345 wrote: Yeah.. 3 weeks would be the maxium but usually it would be 2 weeks without passing a stool. I dont usually have alot of discomfort or pain in my abdominem/stomach region though.

It got worse about 6 weeks ago when there was a week i didn’t eat anything at all because i had alot of stress that week. I think that might have messed up my metabolism.. what do you think?

Even a few days is something to worry about. Over a week is when it becomes dangerous. I think you might even want to consider seeing a doctor if this doesn’t resolve itself quickly.

Stress can slow the muscular movements that help along digestion (peristalsis), which can cause constipation and give pathogenic bacteria and candida a chance to grow. It can also change the makeup of the mucous lining, and reduce the amount of SIgA (an immune cell that neutralises undigested food and soothes the gut lining), which makes it harder for gut flora to survive, and in turn promotes leaky gut and allergies. You could think of it as killing off your own soldiers while supplying the enemy with rations, ammunition and hot showers. In short, find a way to relieve stress ASAP if you want to stand any chance of beating candida.