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catlover345 wrote: I would eat sandwiches alot…

Catlover… I hate to have to say it but if you continue eating sandwiches even very rarely then you just won’t make progress with your candida. You’ll continue to go round in circles with reactions & die off & things like constipation… and continuously grow new yeast. Also you’re wasting a lot of time, effort & money (if you’re buying antifungals, probiotics, special foods) if you’re simply undoing any good work by eating bread! It just won’t work!

Can you take a plastic container with some salad leaves, a hard boiled egg/ some cooked organic chicken/ a tin of sardines, maybe an avocado. I know it’s not as quick & instant as a sandwich but you have to prepare that at home to bring with you anyway don’t you? I keep a paper plate, some plastic cutlery and some baby wipes in the car so I can run up a quick meal if I need to.

Some people have posted about buckwheat pancakes – I haven’t tried them yet but if you made a batch and kept them in the fridge (with plastic wrap between each), you could make wraps with veggies?

I’ve also found Buckwheat crispbread which is a lifesaver! It comes in backs of 5 crackers and I bring a little tub of coconut oil and then have an instant snack.