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If you need support to avoid feeling ‘alone’ in this, then OA can probably help in that area. But don’t go into the meeting expecting that anyone there is going to “cure” your overeating problem. No one is going to do that because that’s your responsibility and you’re the only one who can make ‘you’ stop overeating.

Just thinking that because this group understands the sugar addiction that it was be a great place for me to socialize. I’m not an over eater. For the record, I do accept responsibility. That’s why I’m here. I was hoping for some encouragement and support as I heal myself. It’s been very difficult trying to do this alone.

I can tell you that, if you’ll force yourself to forgo sugar and all simple carbohydrates for three to five days, it will become easier to resist those sugar and carb products.

I’m guessing that you didn’t read my first post on this forum yesterday! I did well for 5 days and then came home and binged on chocolate cookies that my husband had in the cupboard. I was so disappointed in myself… Hence, feeling depressed this morning.

Thank you, Able. I guess.