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quayd wrote: Anybody with an idea of good sources for Swedish Bitters in the UK for online shopping?

I am currently taking Barberry as a concentrated tea from dried bark, would that be enough as a bitter?

Hello, Tyler.

The post below should help you since Swedish Bitters are on the list.–Europe.aspx#post12680

Barberry contains alkaloids; one of the alkaloids is called berberine which has the ability to destroy gut flora as well as damage the intestinal lining. Oregon grape also contains berberine which is why these herbs are not recommended on the forum.

As far as the bitters are concerned, it isn’t necessary to follow the directions on the label as that amount is not needed in order for the bitters to work. All you need to do in order to activate the bitters is to taste the bitter taste on the back of the tongue (vagus nerve); so just use about a half dropper full on the middle to back of the tongue about three times a day. Do this before or after each meal.