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My goodness, I feel so ashamed that I’ve received such great advice and wisdom from you Able, and haven’t responded in over a months time! My apologies. How are you doing, btw? I hope very well!

In a nutshell, overall I am feeling MUCH better than I had when I first came to the forum in the regards that I mentioned in my first post. I have cheated a few times, in small ways, such as a bite or two of macaroni and cheese at Whole Foods during my lunch break, or a small tid bit of chocolate. But other than that, I’ve been sticking to the regimen as much as I can. Although, I am guilty in the fact that I sort of stopped ingesting coconut oil as regularly, and haven’t eaten garlic in the amounts that I once was. I’ve also added organic milk, organic chicken breast 3-4 times a week, fish maybe once a week, turkey once a week, organic PLAIN greek yogurt, truvia, stevia extract, I’ve made a few pumpkin loaves w/almond flour, still eating organic eggs, lots of veggies, and very recently (since I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed just 3 days ago) added oat bran, which is absolutely delicious and has not caused any reaction at all…etc etc. Being re-enlightened after reading a bunch of posts just now on the forum, I’m definitely going to incorporate 2-4 crushed cloves of garlic on a spoon, once a day, and swig it down with water, as well as add the coconut oil on a spoon daily, and slowly add in oregano oil. How much do I start out with? (All of the above foods I’ve added in slowly, and cautiously, and have not received any type of bad reaction from.)

**I am now a bit concerned about a few changes in my body that have persisted the past few weeks or so. I am VERY constipated at times. It is truly unnerving and unbearable, and quite painful. I’m thinking it could have something to do with the dairy consumption, or maybe even the amount of protein I’m ingesting, or the almond flour?? What are you thoughts, and how in the heck do I calm this down and go more regularly? Please help Able, I truly appreciate it.
I also had my acne under somewhat control the past two years or so, breaking out around my period mostly, yet always having at least one or two pimples on my face at a time. But now, my face started to EXPLODE w/pimples and acne again just a week and half after my cleanse/starting this diet. I had avoided dairy as much as possible before the diet, but now eat it regularly. Could this be the culprit? Or maybe I’m still experiencing crazy die-off symptoms. Btw, I’m still taking the molybdenum every day, 4-5 150mcg tablets a day, just as a precaution for die-offs. I am on week 5 1/2 of the Candida Diet, I believe.

I have not stopped taking the probiotic that I had mentioned, mostly because of financial reasons. I know you mentioned to only be on it for a months time and then switch, but I would much rather use the rest of the bottle (again, for financial reasons), and then go out and buy the appropriate one that you mentioned. Which I will do. But I haven’t had an issue w/this one, and everything I’m doing seems to be improving my overall health and especially my bladder condition that I had mentioned previously in my posts.

I also stopped drinking the whole lemon in water, twice a day. Which I think stopped happening about a week after I posted about it. I’m going to take that up again, maybe once a day at first, and then decreasing by once every other day or two for a few more months. What do you think?

Lastly (in this post anyway lol), I had mentioned that I wanted to be on the cleanse for three weeks. Well, I was a bit hasty with my words and thought it would be possible. But after only 6 full days of the detox/cleanse, I was starting to feel so weak, I could hardly stand, let alone exercise, and felt like blacking out a few times, so I decided to just slowly start on the diet. For a week and a half following the detox, I think I only added in organic chicken breast a few times a week, and plain organic greek yogurt, as well as making the coconut bread (which I’m not too fond of unfortunately) twice or so.

THANK YOU again Able. I don’t think if anyone says it enough, but you’re a true blessing and gem. I am looking forward to seeing how you’re doing, and what kind of tweaks you have for me, and/or questions. 🙂