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I think the hardest part for you may be that the die-off will seem extreme once you take antifungals, as it sounds like you had a severe reaction to the coconut oil for this very reason.

The first time I took a pro biotic about a month ago, my entire body reacted the same way you describe, but I knew what was happening so I just had to stick through it. I slept a lot the first week. I would start with a low dosage probiotic and cut down on sugar. Then you can start taking antifungals, although I would spend some more time researching around the forum, online, etc. To help with the die-off I usually take magnesium and some vitamin C.

You have to stop eating the rice cakes, any juices with sugar. Stick to the eggs and veggies for now, with a lot of coconut products to keep your calories up.