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Hi Kristy and welcome to the forum.

I agree with Mrs.Candida. None of the tests are real proof that you have or do not have candida. Some of us got lucky that it showed in one of the tests, but if didn’t it wouldn’t mean that we do not have it. I had a round of antibiotics right before my stool test and it did show, of course. Another member ate a lot of sweets and it showed in stool test, not sure if sweets made it happen or not, it’s just a big unknown and pretty much ignored by medical community.

Now, you have a lot of heavy symptoms, many sound just like candida infestation, a gut flora problem for sure. Since your food sensitivities are so bad, it’s quite possible that you also have leaky gut. Reacting so hard on coconut oil makes me believe that your infestation could be pretty bad and that is die-off. If you had that much from one lick of the oil, you need to be careful about how you approach this.

My first advice is that you read as much as you can about the issue. There is tons of useful information here on the forum. Start there first. There is web site’s diet, and there is more strict diet many of the forum members are following. I think it’s possible to reach your goal, which is returning your health again, either way, but it might be a bit quicker with the forum’s protocol. Plus the more strict list eliminates most of the potentially reacting foods so it’s easier than your own trial and error, just my opinion. Either way you decide to go, just be careful to protect your organs, liver and kidneys mainly, from damage which can be caused by toxins released once you start killing off pathogenic yeast and bacteria, called die-off. There are supplements you can take to minimize the damage. You should also be careful about introducing antifungals and probiotics and do it slowly and watch for reactions. Lots of food is also antifungal and you could experience heavy die-off just by eating your meal so be careful about combining foods at the beginning.

If you do decide to go stricter with your diet, email Able900 for copy of that diet.

For the beginning, start reading the following (top posts are web site’s, bottom ones are forum’s written by people who have been through it and are either healed or symptom free).

Happy reading and let us know if you have questions. There is always someone here “listening” 🙂

Best of luck to you!