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Lora Jayne;58562 wrote: I’ve been suffering from Candidiasis for years and years now. I didn’t know what it was until a year and a half ago, so I didn’t officially start the diet until that time. Phase 1 was SO hard, and I BARELY made it through. Then slowly I Incorporated in carbs and natural sugars… However, within just a few months, it seemed to become a struggle to NOT have sugar again.. To NOT have those things that got me as sick as I was 3 years ago. I have been through SO MUCH CRAP with this disease, that I don’t even feel like typing it all out…

So why am I not okay? I’m not okay because I can’t take the cycle of it all anymore. It’s like I do really well, and detox, and then fall, flat on my face all over again… And to make things harder, NO ONE I KNOW understands, unless they are MUCH OLDER than me. I’m only 23, and have suffered SEVERELY from candida overgrowth. I was literally bed ridden 2 years ago, and I now also have celiac disease, that doctors think candidiasis might have caused.

Now i’m detoxing my body, YET AGAIN, and am CRAVING CRAVING CRAVING!! I want coffee with cream in it, I want chocolate, I want a banana, I want peanut butter or a potato or SOMETHING! I just feel like i’m dying sometimes from it all. I never feel well… I do feel better when I follow the candida diet and take the right supplements to heal my body, but even then, it’s so damn hard to NOT MESS UP!!

Someone please give me hope. I’ve really tried to stay strong. And it’s not that I don’t want to be healthy. I LOVE being healthy. I LOVE doing the paleo lifestyle and have tons of cookbooks and recipes and I wouldn’t go back to junk food if my life depended on it! However, I’m just having a hard time being restricted from things like coffee, and occasional chocolate or cheese…

Also, how on earth do I detox again? I forgot how hard it was to experience die off… I’m craving so many things right now.. It’s terrible.

Sorry to be whiny, I just needed to for today…



I was 23 years old when my urologist put me on nearly 90 days straight of 3 broad spectrum anti-biotics.
I went from an perfectly healthy young man with unlimited energy to acquiring 30+ health conditions in a matter of months. To top that off, I could relate to nobody and doctors told me I was too young to have so many health problems and my IBS was likely due to stress and I was to just live with it.

I have been through so much pain, depression, misery, loneliness, and suffering with this condition it nearly killed me.
It wasn’t until I starting reading the books and literature on this disease, reading works of doctors, microbiologists, toxicologist, stories of those who are suffering, and the cure stories did I find a path to getting better.

Coffee is not an issue for most people, myself included.
There was a time when used to believe most of the misinformation and myths of this syndrome, it only made my health decline faster.

What are your symptoms and whats your health history?

We will try to help.