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michellet wrote: I have been reading many of the posts and I’m confused.

I’m on day 4 of the cleanse. At first I started the web sited cleanse and on day 2 I was feeling very very ill, flue like symptoms. Able wrote to tell me not to follow that.

so now I am drinking lemon water at least three times a day – I love it. I felt a lot better day 3.

I am also eating vegetables on the list and some chicken last night i had small piece of salmon (organic)

I cooked some vegetables with garlic – about an hour later I got my splitting headache back – I drank a lot of water etc.

I then ate a small maybe 1/2 cup cooked brown rice. – wouldn’t go away so I went to bed.

This morning my headache is gone and I feel great. My skin has changed it is very very soft today – i feel full of energy.

Do you think it is the garlic that is causing the die off – I need to work tonight so would avoid taking it if that was the case.

I’m not supposed to take other antifungals or eat buckwheat flour or anything until week 2 right?

I’m still looking for Molybdenum

Oh I also did 2 colonics which are pretty cool!

for me it looks like die-off. And yes, garlic is very strong so I believe that you reacted to the garlic. I am very happy that you have so clear reactions that you are cleared up and feel great the next day.