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you wrote earlier on another post:

Ok so I am new here and I just started the diet. I have fasted for 2 days by eating only vegetables and drinking water. My tongue has actually cleared up nice in this short amount of time and there isnt much white on it anymore, but im still a little worried if there is another source of candida overgrowth hiding in my intestines or elsewhere. I was wondering how would you know if you are cured or not? Im sure this takes a lot of time to get better but how do you know when you are fully cured? Ive read that this diet just helps alleviate symptoms of Die Off but the yeast can still feed off the endless supply of sugar in your blood.

You already have experienced the success of the diet in such a short time. Not sure why your being so critical? I wish you luck. If you do eat sugar I would be very interested in hearing your results. Especially the OJ. I know the slightest food I put into me that has starch causes a reaction. Please let us know how your test goes. Since you have oral thrush like myself and I have been fighting it since November 15th please let me know how your system reacts. I have eaten a few rice crackers, on morsel of a walnut with a few grains of sugar on it, a 1/4 tsp of sunflower seeds on a salad, and once at McDonalds I drove through and got a side salad with their balsamic vinegerett…I put about an 1/2 tsp of dressing on the salad and got a raeaction. So I look forward to the test that you do…please share your reactions. I understand that the diet works differently for everyone. However, I would hold your friends close on this forum as Able and Raster are our guiding lights. They have fought the fight and they knowledge is something gained through real life experince ….something that is very valuable. They are so kind with thier time and advice and guidance. I have a feeling you too will be asking for their advice time to time. I wish you luck. Please let us know how you spurts of sugar go.