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Went to Sprouts as well as a holistic type of health store that was right next to Sprouts. Neither place had the molybdenum or the Swedish Bitters. But I did get the Chamomile tea as well as a Traditional Medicinals Brand “Smooth Move” tea.

Last night I tried drinking a cup of the chamomile. Hours later nothing. Then it was time for my nightly “Liver Flush” drink. I drank it and for the first time in my cleanse, I thought I was gonna throw up! It took everything in my will power to keep it all down, The sweats, shakes, and increased saliva in my mouth…it all finally passed. Funny thing, though…about an hour later, I pooped! Not a “come here mom and take a look!” kind of thing, but still…I was ready to run through the house and have everyone celebrate with me!!:) LOL!

So I guess I shouldn’t jump in my car and go get my beloved (and oh so missed!) cup of Starbucks just yet, huh?

Day five of the cleanse and I’m encouraged again:)