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marxoxoshizzle;49496 wrote: They gave me 1 pill to clear it up (I can’t remember what it was) and medication for the yeast infection.

There is a huge chance that this was antibiotics.

marxoxoshizzle;49496 wrote: I read good things about it but one person on here said it worked and then it stopped working a few weeks after the treatment was finished.

It’s because diet and antifungals don’t make the candida go away. There are other things that you have to consider, like your internal ph levels for example.

marxoxoshizzle;49496 wrote: I don’t eat any fruits or vegetables at all, no. Instead I supplements with multivitamins by a company who makes something called JuicePlus. They are “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.”

Supplements cannot replace vegetables.

marxoxoshizzle;49496 wrote: A normal day in what I eat usually consists of this:
breafkast: A bowl of frosted mini wheats or frosted flakes cereal (I work in an office 8 hours a day M-F)
lunch: usually skip this, if not I have a bowl of microwavable mac and cheese. on occasion I have pizza or Chinese food.
Dinner: depends on the day. Either baked Chicken breasts, fried pork chops, usually with white rice or mashed potatoes.

I may go out to eat occasionally to Outback or something I usually just order steak and baked potato. So my diet consists of mostly meat items with whatever side item I choose, but it’s usually a potato type dish or pasta.

Every Wednesday I cook spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner.

The only thing that I see here that is allowed are chicken breast, if it would be organic and without additives. I also see a lot of processed foods and carbs.

marxoxoshizzle;49496 wrote: I have not eaten fruits or vegetables probably since I was an infant, and that is not simply because I don’t want to. Because I do know just how important it is to have them in my diet…I just can’t stand them.

The only fruit I tolerate, and I say tolerate because they’re the only ones I’m willing to say, oh, this isn’t gross, are: peaches, pairs, mandarin oranges, nectarines.

So far those are the only fruits I can stand. As far as vegetables go? None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. There is not ONE vegetable I find tasty, appealing, delicious, or even remotely tolerable. They all make me gag. I don’t know why, or if I have overactive taste buds or what. Maybe I was a T-Rex in my past life, who knows.

There just has to be a better way to take in the vegetables than by actually eating them. Especially not raw. I don’t want to taste them AT ALL.

Seriously, are you an adult? I’ve only seen children refusing to eat vegetables. I’m on the diet too and yes, there are some things I don’t like at all (like coconut oil), but I just take them because I have to.
It seems to me that you have to change your taste, get used to more bitter things. Take a few drops of Swedish Bitters before every meal. After a while, try to eat some vegetables. If you don’t throw up, you will be fine and you can start the diet.

The diet you are talking about is not something light. There are no shortcuts or easy ways. You have to take it seriously. If not, you’re probably gonna be sick for the rest of your life.

Read the protocol for more information about the cleanse, the diet and antifungals/probiotics.