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Shayfo and Able,

My supplements that are in capsule form:
HCL is made out of gelatin
milk thistle pullulan
Caprylate Complex says, “Cellulose, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate”

I AM on the strict diet.
I didn’t list coconut oil as one of my current antifungals because i was traveling last week and wasn’t using it. I am starting to use it again, today.

That makes sense to me that because I’ve never had smelly gas like this before that it is a symptom of die-off. At the same time, in my gut, I kind of feel like the brassica family could be contributing as well. Here’s why—a few weeks ago I was roasting and eating brussel sprouts, and I got extremely bloated, gassy, and sick. So I decided after eating them two nights in a row with the same result, to stop eating them. And then this morning, because I’ve worked my way up to drinking a cup of goat milk kefir, I had kefir for breakfast with some buckwheat groats and chia seeds instead of my usual breakfast of cauliflower rice and kale. And I had a much easier time of it today. Although, I did eat some collards today, and I believe they are in the brassica family. You’re right, I should “test” them.

Regarding leaky gut. Big yes. Big time. The reason I started looking into this is because I was to the point of, weekly, adding more foods to my list of foods I believed I was allergic to. I had a long list, and it was getting to the point that if I ate out at a restaurant, I knew I’d come home sick. I also believe I’ve had candida for a very, very long time. I was diagnosed ten years ago and believed it. I was in emergency rooms as a kid with terrible stomach pains only to find out I was totally constipated. And this never really stopped into adulthood; though, as an adult, I was more aware of my BM’s and as a kid, I just didn’t think about it. My stomach was an issue for me every time I got exciting about something as a kid, like a trip to the amusement park—the excitement made me sick. And I mainlined sugar in a big way during my childhood. I took years worth of topical antibiotics for acne. And I always had my tagament and librax prescriptions by my side from the time I was probably 5. I think most of what I thought I was allergic to prior to starting this treatment, I am not. I had the three blood tests done awhile ago and they show that I am allergic to eggs, dairy (okay w/goat), wheat, beans, and crab. I know I’m allergic to eggs because not only do I have a reaction to them after I eat, but I feel nauseous as I take my first bite of them. And I haven’t eaten wheat for years. Am hoping, maybe, I could tolerate a bit of dairy once I get to a better place. Maybe? If not, no big deal. Anyway, long answer to do I have leaky gut? YES!

You also asked if I’m eating foods that I didn’t eat before. Yes. I didn’t eat much cauliflower and now I eat it constantly. Also, I didn’t eat much cabbage, and now I eat cabbage salad regularly. I did eat kale everyday.

Because I am just starting on kefir, and since we are having this dialogue, I don’t really know, now that my body seems okay with it, how much of it to consume each day. I’d drink a whole jar of it! It’s a relief after weeks of only veggies to have somehting that tastes different and is such a different texture.