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Positivo wrote: I don’t understand this. I’m glad your feeling good but why treat your body like this. Certain foods will cause health problems. If not candida it can be many other conditions out there. After years of suffering why look for a relapse? I understand you want to test your theory of antifungal enemas but treating your body like a science experiment seems a bit odd to me. Regardless great progress and I hope you don’t relapse. I wouldn’t want to hear about someone having candida once let alone twice.


I don’t want to live slave of an anticandida diet all my life. The anticandida diet is miserable and unhealthy long term. It isn’t a diet to live with it forever.
I need to know if I can “live” a normal life. There are many HEALTHY food prohibit in a strict anticandida diet. There are also many delicious food you can not have if you follow the diet. Eating openly is one of the few pleasure life has. My father lived 89 y/o eating what he wanted. My mother is 86 and eat what she wants. As you see, who is going to live a long life, do it no matter what food they eat. Who is going to die early, will do it even eating the healthiest diet in this world.
I am not planning on living with McDonald and pizza, but I need to know if I can go to a patty or a restaurant and don’t look like I came from another planet.

Yes, I like a drink, a beer, ice cream, a piece of cake. I am a human after all. What should no be there is candida.
I hope you understand. I am still alive !!!