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It sure is a riddle.
I travel to a country regularly that sells medications without a prescription. I bought the T3 there. You can also buy it at a Mexican pharmacy for a good price by mail order.

This are just estimates but I’d say the T3 reduced bloating by 50%, burping by 80% and constipation by 100% and fatigue by 50-60%. As soon as I stopped I went right downhill again the next day. The effect was significant.

I take my basal temp and it is always normal. But as the day goes on, it drops quite a bit. I’m not sure what that means but it means something.

I can’t wait to get my books by Paul Robinson and STTM and start implementing the T3 properly and see what it does for me. Paul Robinson uses T3 in teh wee hours of the morning to support the adrenals instead of hydrocortisone. it is a nice simple solution and seems to be helping a lot of people get off of HC and Florinef.

I’ve had low ferritin ever since I first got sick so I don’t know how long it was there. Finally, after many years of trying I am now having luck getting it up using ‘Proferrin’. Others are finding it helping them too. It is expensive though. It is a heme iron which is absorbed easier than the non-heme. That’s the idea anyway.

I have a lot of questions too and the thyroid / adrenals is the most confusing – I take my blood pressure/pulse/temp several times a day and am seeing some patterns but have no idea what it all means.


flailingWcandi wrote:

I did an experiment in the summer and took 50mcg T3 hormone. Nothing else was working for me – strict diet, antifungals, biofilm protocals and more.
That 50mcg T3 did more for me than anything else I had ever tried in 12 years. Popping a 50mcg T3 though isn’t the right way to address it so I’ve stepped back and joined a couple of thyroid groups, ordered Paul Robinson’s book and had a consult with Janie, owner of the STTM site. I also ordered teh cortisol saliva test.

That first link you shared said you are not supposed to take iron with calcium which I have been doing. So I’ll correct that.

What about you ? How are you addressing the iron/adrenal/thyroid ?

I’m very interested in T3 …. How did you get it? Did your MD prescribe this? When you say it did more for you than anything else in 12 years, what did it do? How did you feel?

I’m left wandering in a bog on all this myself. All the signs are there my main issue is with adrenal/thyroids which needs to be dealt with if I have any chance at treating candida. Considering I’m probably low on just about everything, my efforts have swung to iodine supplementation which includes Vit C, selenuim, magnesium, calcium, potassium , zinc, Royal jelly, iron and increasing iodine by a drop daily. Though I take a lot of other supplements as well including, ashwaganda, L-tryptophan, 5HTP, melatonin, valerian root, etc….a huge list, insanely huge list.

Trying to force myself to get as MUCH sleep as possible, even more than most people would consider possible. There has been some recent noticeable effect but, not sure if it’s positive or not: since my discernment seems folly filled. While trying to limit stress as much as possible which isn’t easy considering my unique circumstances.

I am anemic, have been for years – which came first anemia, adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid or candida? Prolly never know. I take a time released ferritin iron supplementation which doesn’t give me constipation issues. Figure, I don’t have much of a chance defeating any pathogen while anemic. In general, the diet doesn’t offer enough iron to solve anemia from my limited understanding.

I haven’t the answers, just a lot of questions and see this all as interconnecting. From everything I see here, many more have AF/HT than they know. Low body temps are just one of many signs which suggest this to be the case. Most people with histamine issues (rashes/hives, food allergies, etc.) when questioned tend to report low body temps they may never have know about. Suggest everyone take their basal temp (temp upon waking)

What a riddle to unravel, eh? Anyone with expertise who could help shed light on these issues, your input is dearly appreciated.