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TheChosenOne;49876 wrote: I doubt it is die off. I used to like coconut oil, but now I think it is disgusting. I also have to gag, even from the smell only.
About the nausea, I have the same thing if I eat coconut oil without anything else. It even made me vomit once.
Try to eat it with other foods and the nausea should go away.

I think you’re probably right. After 3 large bottles of coconut oil. It has gotten harder and harder to eat.

I think partly the texture and taste is triggering my gag reflex but it certainly is causing die off too. I’m getting that weird achy muscle feeling after I take it and that always signals die off for me as does many other symptoms.

To the previous poster. I’m really happy to hear the Rx antifungals are working for you.

I’ve read stories that many people needed the power of an Rx antifungal to finally knock the candida out of their system. Everyone is different and it is definitely worth trying natural products first because depending on your candida, it may work for you.

I’m going to try and incorporate coconut oil into my cooking more often.


I will let everyone know of my progress when I start nystatin and fluconazole.