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JaneneBean wrote: No on the coconut oil for my itchy tush Linda. I tried everything. I used tea tree oil with aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, I use a natural soap from the health food store too. The only thing that actually works to temporarily relieve the itch is Benedryl cream and how good is that for your tush skin on a regular basis? I’m sure it wasn’t healthy or even meant to be used like that but I was losing so much sleep from itching at night that I had to use something.
I even tried using yogurt. I’ve taken quality garlic supplements which leave me feeling lethargic even more because they lower your blood pressure and mine is already low.

As for Doctors? I’m convinced they are like lawyers. There’s only about 1 in 100 that are worth talking to. They all want to medicate you, not fix the problem. Just fix a symptom. Every time I go to the Doctor, they tell me something I already know from looking it up online, then charge me a small fortune for that information. Doctors don’t want us to figure out we have Candida because they rely on sick people to make a living. If we all started eating better, can you imagine what would happen to Doctors?
Candida IS real. I have the symptoms for prove it. I’m not just making up this nasty rash on my butt. Or the white tongue, dizzy spells, brainfog…etc. I don’t need all this drama, that’s for sure.

I have to agree with your opinion on doctors.
I am a vet student and have shared classes with med students.
They are not mother teresa types like people think.
Most did medicine for ambition,challenge,prestige,money,job security .
Very much like lawyers(maybe also vets 🙂 )
The point i make is that they are trained to formulate a diagnosis and then prescribe the correct medicine,not treat the root cause.
They are 200k in debt when they graduate.
More patients they see and more money they make the better