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JaneneBean wrote: No on the coconut oil for my itchy tush Linda. I tried everything. I used tea tree oil with aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, I use a natural soap from the health food store too. The only thing that actually works to temporarily relieve the itch is Benedryl cream and how good is that for your tush skin on a regular basis? I’m sure it wasn’t healthy or even meant to be used like that but I was losing so much sleep from itching at night that I had to use something.
I even tried using yogurt. I’ve taken quality garlic supplements which leave me feeling lethargic even more because they lower your blood pressure and mine is already low.

As for Doctors? I’m convinced they are like lawyers. There’s only about 1 in 100 that are worth talking to. They all want to medicate you, not fix the problem. Just fix a symptom. Every time I go to the Doctor, they tell me something I already know from looking it up online, then charge me a small fortune for that information. Doctors don’t want us to figure out we have Candida because they rely on sick people to make a living. If we all started eating better, can you imagine what would happen to Doctors?
Candida IS real. I have the symptoms for prove it. I’m not just making up this nasty rash on my butt. Or the white tongue, dizzy spells, brainfog…etc. I don’t need all this drama, that’s for sure.

Dear JaneneBean,

I was reading your post and I know what you are going through as I had the same symptoms for a very long time. I had rectal itching for over 20 years. They where on and off and sometimes unbearable and sometimes mild but they where always with me. I tried everything from steroids, diets, anti-fungals, etc etc. What I noticed only was that some food aggravated it more than other foods. If mild was on a scale of 0 to 10 a number 3 did I experience too number 10 where my underpants where full with blood and slime. I started with different diets trying to get it down and it helped in a way for some days only to get it back. Then I developed a break down of my nervous -system with panic attacks, depression etc.

If you search my name here in the forum you will see from my letters that I was fighting the idea that it could sit in the head as I have always felt that my head was sitting on my shoulders and my mind was the strongest thing holding me together not freaking out. But the anexity 24/7 and the now and than slash-hammer of a panic attack really drove me nuts. The only thing holding me up was my mind and as the doctor didn’t find a single thing wrong in my body I started wondering.

On my list of symptoms there where nearly all candida symptoms. Stomach pain, rectal itching, eyes itching, brain-fog, dizzy, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, no sex drive for over a year, blood in the seeds, UT infection feeling (burning sensation while urinating) change between diarrhoeas and constipations, headaches (not so many but coming now and then), muscle pain, joint pains, out of breath, heart palpitations. I did different diets for over a year and I lost over 30 kg. When I came here to the forums diet I felt quite good for the first days only to witness that it went downhill from then. After 2.5 month of very strong and faithfull diet here I had to give up. I thought I was going to die, I reacted to everything and decided to have to know.

I checked the body, blood, urine, x-rays of stomach, they put a camera into my bladder, etc. as Isaid there was nothing but I felt terrible.
Next step I was eating fruits and branflakes in the morning with yoghurt and I started with EFT tapping. I gave a shit about diet, and antifungals and checked other problems like IBS, etc. The EFT tapping was a break through and I learned that the under-conciousness is extremely powerful in activating the nervous-system and the immune defences are kicking in when your body releases stress hormones. This has nothing with your thinking and wishing to do.

I do the EFT tapping now all the time for every thought and sensation and I learned that there is a relaxed state in my body I had never known before. I must have identified myself with that stress identity believing that this is me, that this is normal. So, all the reactions from my body where not seen as a connection to my mind.

What is the situation now. I eat everything for two weeks, I even eat unhealthy stuff, I had a beer and a brandy and some junk food, When there comes rectal itching up or that strange feeling from my stomach which I called “poision coming from my stomach” (some chemical reaction, I believe it is a histamine release) I start with EFT directly and all the symptoms are gone after 10 min.

The good with EFT is that the manual is free of charge online, movies are free of charge and if you follow the money trail you find lots of people wanting to help other without charge. I wrote a post about it with all the links to free material. Search for my last 10 posts and you will find them. YOu have nothing to loose. Why not trying. You dont have to believe in it and it still works. You can even have your diet and eat the anti-fungals.

My lesson is that one should not discount the power of the mind. It was the only thing which helped me to get well.