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Able900 wrote:

I’ve been doing this diet for over 5 months, so I’m willing to try something new if it means finishing off the candida faster.

CS, what were the probiotics you were taking? Also, were you drinking homemade kefir every day?


Hi Able,

Probiotics: Since I was already on a different (though very similar) candida diet before I found this forum, I had started off with a low-CFU probiotic with about 10 strains or so. After I found this forum, I switched to the forum-recommended MegaFlora and went through a bottle of 30. Then I went through a bottle of 30 MegaFlora Plus. Since Raster advocates variety, I switched to a different brand after that — 35 billion CFU with 14 strains, which I now take twice a day. It doesn’t have DDS-1, so I went and bought a bottle of DDS-1 to augment it. I take 10 billion CFU of the DDS-1 per day, so altogether I’m up to 15 strains @ 80 billion CFU per day right now. I take them at night before bed, at least two hours after any meals or anti-fungals, as you had recommended. I used to also take S. Boulardi, which is a Candida-killing yeast.

As for the kefir, the forum protocol described it as being optional so I skipped it.

I will say that I’ve made great progress with the diet, but the beast has yet to be slain. If injecting some water and probiotics (or other all-natural stuff) into the colon speeds up this battle, then I’m all for it. So I’m gonna take up what I dub “the 2012 Jorge enema challenge” and see what happens. 🙂