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candidamente wrote: I have been a Vegetarian for many years and a Vegan for about a year, still Candida has hit me, which shows me that no matter what you eat, there are so many causes that can strike you with Candida.

Well, my cause is STRESS!!!

My diet prior to Candida has always been excellent, breakfast, lunch, lots of fruit, exercise, you name it, no faults whatsoever. I never use sugar, except the one naturally found in food, no coffee, no tea except herbal tea, no chocolate (replaced with sugar free carob) and so on..

Having been left with Stress as the only cause of Candida, I find it really difficult to cope with it, since I didn’t even know I was stressed until I excluded all the other possibilities. Every thing else I know I am doing right.

Anyway, I am on a strict diet now just like many others here, even though it seems there isn’t much left to eat for me. Starving is not an option for me so I still try to have breakfast and lunch and drink plenty of water, while taking natural herbal supplement that I make by myself.

As an Herbalist student, I have basically put together about 17 herbs that I known being anti-fungal and help fighting the Candida, and made the capsules myself saving some money too.

All the best to everyone, it’s not easy at all!

Hi and welcome to our gang here!

have you found Ables and rasters protocol yet? If not this is a good start!

A herbalist in the group is a blessing please share you herbal knowledge with us! Thank you!