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I would not say he has been treating it for a year, no. at first we though it was just dermatitis/eczema. My wife has it on her hands so it isn’t new. We know some kids who have eczema real bad. Well, creams did nothing really, it all got worse. It got even more worse when we started kefir actually, about 4 months ago, but we thought it was just the food allergies increasing.

Our short conversations with the doctor over skype are not much by way of “treatment”. all they prescribed for yeast was fire tree bark tea. They also purport the probiotic route as best against yeast.

Anyway, it was not until about 8 months ago perhaps that we really come to the conclusion it was yeast. THe fire tree tea has been around for about that long, we did a course of it and stopped as it wasn’t doing much.

The hot days of summer were real bad on the rashes. Dry skin does not help either, in Missouri we get very hot, and very cold.

The antifungal I’m talking about not using is over the counter lotramin and/or off brand athelete’s foot cream, such as clotrimazole, topimirate? etc…. Cheap, and in my opinion, very effective at treating fungus in-between my toes 🙂