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Good luck Arijana! I felt the same way about MD’s. I yelled at one, so what’s wrong with me and he just said ‘I don’t know’. I had another tell me I had ‘bad genes’ and my favorite doc did a candida test when it was recommended with a bunch of other tests by a doc of functional medicine but when he recommended a no sugar diet and Nystatin she refused to write the script. That was 2 years ago and my increased symptoms and desperation and candida being brought yet again to my attention lead me to search, and find my way here doing the no MD route. Though the ‘functional medicine’ guy was on the right track, he took no insurance and it was over $700 for initial visit and over $300 for follow ups. Not an MD I could continue to afford to see. Always felt like a hypochondriac and have had tremendous amounts of useless and sometimes painful treatments to address the various symptoms that go along with this deal. Keep hanging in there and know you are not alone!!! I just got results of thyroid nodule biopsy. Non diagnostic but probably enough fluid to most likely rule out papillary cancer. Another ultrasound and if needed biopsy in 6 months. Tests all normal. Most docs will test thyroid if you review that you have a few symptoms. I also found many similar symptoms between candida and thyroid issues. If you research the symptoms you probably could present a few to the doc to indicate testing. Best of luck and my thoughts and prayers ate with you! I have to keep the faith. Only way I know how to get through this thing. With love and gratitude to everyone here…