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I just wanted to post a heads-up about Betaine HCl supplementation. This article is very sound; it describes how the body needs adequate acid for digestion, and how low acid is often the more prevalent cause of reflux than high acidity. However, please be sure that you do your research and/or consult your physician prior to supplementation, because you don’t want to accidentally do more harm than good by supplementing at the wrong time for your body.

In my case, I was diagnosed with H. Pylori last week in addition to my Candida problem. That (along with the multiple baking soda tests I’ve done) is a pretty good confirmation that I have low stomach acid, because H. Pylori produces something called urease that reduces HCl so the bacteria can survive. However, if I were to supplement with Betaine HCl while my Pylori infestation is still strong, the excess acid can cause stomach ulcers and damage the lining before my body is able to contain it. It is vitally important that I conquer the Pylori overgrowth first, and then supplement with HCl down the line when it is not so dangerous to my body.

I’ve discovered this through my own research, as my doctors haven’t been much help in this candida/pylori disaster.

In Sum: Be sure to heal the body from H. Pylori before supplementing with Betaine HCl, or you might experience a lot of pain and unnecessary damage. There is a time for supplementation – just listen to your body and ALWAYS do your research first.