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mygutleaks;29322 wrote: i have some white on my tongue but it’s not a thick coating. should the whole tongue be pink? or is it normal to have some white toward the middle/back of the tongue? thanks!

It’s possible to reach a point where your tongue remains pink, smooth, and completely free of the fuzzy look day after day after day. This is when you’re most likely to have reached the symptom-free point in your treatment. But don’t think that, just because you wake up one morning and your tongue is smooth with no pale yellow or white tint in the middle that you’ve completely cured your infestation. This fuzzy tongue effect can come back in an instant if you don’t remain careful about eating too many foods for the Candida in your body to feed on. This is because you’ll never get rid of all the Candida in your body as you’ll always have a certain amount in there waiting for you to screw up as you did the first time or until you have to take several rounds of antibiotics and eat the wrong foods at the same time as taking the antibiotics. Kefir should always be a part of your diet as this will work wonders at keeping your tongue looking natural and healthy.