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Vegan Catlady
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Hey Ryan,

Im sorry you are going through this.
My guess is that you did some research, and the symptoms of candida fit your situation.
How old are you? Im assuming the parents are still making important decisions for you, and for this reason, I think it is in your best interest to tell them that you do not feel good.
The Food Matter site has an informative page describing it to the person new to it, here is a link:

Candida is a common problem, but doctors dont seem to make it as important as the people who are not feeling good think they should make it. You could always tell mom and dad that a friend who was on antibiotics had to be treated for it and told you about it…but Im not a fan of telling stories. But it is true that most people who have candida overgrowth had taken antibiotics at one time or another, and usually is what gets this out of control.