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You are incorrect. Doctors do know about Candida. But the fungal form of candida infections rarely appear in otherwise healthy people. It is usually seen in people who are on their death beds, with compromised immune systems. It’s a disease of the diseased.

The fungal infection of Candida, Candidiasis is uncommon in people who appear healthy. It is rare and uncommon for an otherwise healthy person to have it. The symptoms produced overlap many other more common diseases and conditions.

If your physician has worked in a hospital for a number of years with terminal patients, he or she has most definitely seen Candidiasis before. They are simply taught in school what to first test for based on symptoms experienced. The rare diseases are at the bottom of the list. That’s why people tend to rage about doctor’s “not knowing anything” when they have to go through endless testing.

There are blood tests for the fungal form of Candida. There are a lot of different types of Candida tests. There are specially tailored fungal anti-biotics which specifically kill fungus and avoid killing bacteria. It’s not a condition mysterious to the medical profession. It’s a mystery why YOU have it, an otherwise healthy person not on his deathbed.

Collect evidence of your condition. Take pictures of yeast structures in your stool. Make printouts of Candida symptom lists and bring them to your doctor. He or she will send you for testing.