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5 weeks is still a lot of time to turn around the microbiology of your gut and you likely will be mostly over die-off by that time if you stick to the protocol. There are a few easy tricks to completely feel better this quickly:

-Take between 60-120 billion cfu probiotics per day; this will help greatly in how you feel.

-Sweat out the toxins in a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room, or even hot bath. This can completely eliminate or reduce die-off symptoms; you can do it up to 6 days a week. If there is any kind of mineral hot springs in your area, it will greatly help your organs:

-Consider trying out acupuncture…this can help heal your organs, reduce stress, and detox the toxins. It makes you feel great as well; its a cornerstone of my treatment.

-Heal the liver and kidneys and protect it like ben mentioned. Juniper berry extract is another thing to look into to heal the body.