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Hey! Welcome to the forum 🙂

There is a strict diet and protocol that those of us on the forum follow. It’s here:[](

It basically helps get rid of the candida infestation, heal the leaky gut, and repopulate the gut with good bacteria. It is more strict than the diet on the website.

I’m having similar troubles because I’m pretty much allergic to everything as well. I’m rotating to the best of my ability, but it’s hard 🙁 I’m just going on as best as I can, knowing that eventually, all my hard work will pay off and my leaky gut will heal so I can eat again.

A lot of people have trouble with weight loss – I am a small guy, but I have lost almost 20 pounds in two months. I’m all skin and bones right now, but I know that once I’m healed, I’ll put the weight back on. To get more calories, I eat a lot of coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, and so on. We have a recipe on the forum for coconut bread, which is very easy to make and has a lot of fat and calories.