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ChinUp;42233 wrote: Here is what I do:

Put grains in a clean jar
Fill with organic, grass-fed, non-homogenized milk leaving about an inch from the top
Cover with plastic wrap (to allow air to escape)
Let ferment 24-48 hours in dark at room temperature (usually 48 hours)
Strain with a plastic strainer to separate kefir grains from kefir. Use a wooden spoon to stir and help strain.
Pour kefir into a clean jar or bottle, cover with plastic wrap and let ferment for another 24-48 hours in the dark at room temperature. IMPORTANT to do this so all the sugar and lactose is gone, plus more probiotics.
After this period, put it in the fridge and you can consume as you please. I like mine plain, but hemp protein powder is good with it too. I’m sure stevia and blueberries would be tasty.

I always start a new batch when I separate the grains.
Shake up your jar during the fermenting process.
Don’t use metal jar lids, as the probiotics don’t get along with metals (though stainless steel is fine)
It should start to look thick once it is ready, and you can smell it to tell if it is ripe

Yup. I put the grains in a small cup and let it ferment overnight. I couldnt find the grains so I poured all that into a bigger container and let that ferment.

Then I took 7/8 of that as I could not find the grains as they were too small and drank it. So I put that 1/8 that wouldn’t go through the strainer in a new container with milk. I figure the grains are in there somewhere.

It definitely wasn’t done as it gave me my typical milk lactose reaction. That and some bad die off. Means I’m doing something right.

If I put some sach boularii would that culture and become part of the keifer also? I might do that too..