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I keep noticing people recommending using Betaine HCl here on this forum. Are you sure that’s a good idea? Can’t it atrophy the glands that produce stomach acid? It makes sense to think so and the guy on curezone named Hveragerthi agrees with it (he is quite a wise man btw.):

Zypan is a form of digestive enzyme substitute from what I’ve read and so I wouldn’t be so sure about the safety of using it.

I’ve therefore been avoiding Betaine HCl although my indigestion problems are quite intense. The bitters don’t help me enough to completely digest my food and I don’t use digestive enzymes either as it seems like they could atrophy some glands too. This problem is quite hard to solve and I still keep indigesting my food. Not sure what to do right now. I’m still wondering why you haven’t raised the above point as it does sound logical.

Has anyone on this forum actually had their digestion fixed by using Betaine HCl/Zypan/Digestive enzymes to the point where those supplements are not needed anymore?