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ThomasJoel2;53690 wrote: I used to be into bodybuilding and lift 3 times a week but don’t anymore. I was eating a lot of tuna/salmon for protein purposes and developed a mercury toxicity without knowing that I was actually poisoning myself. That’s irony for you, trying to be fit and healthy and instead I accumulated all these chronic health problems.

Working out is one of those things that I can’t wait to be able to do again.

I hear ya man. I used to eat 1-2 cans everyday and switched to chicken once Jeremy Piven got mercury poisoning from eating sushi after like 10 years. What’s stopping you from getting back into regular exercise? Even if it’s only a jog around the block or a few laps in the pool, I’m sure you could do something right??

Personally after browsing this forum the last few days, it really does seem like a lot of people could cure themselves of some serious ailments by adopting a healthy exercise routine. We didn’t evolve from people who sat in cubicles 8 hours a day and foraged for dinner in the freezer aisle.