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Mashanshell wrote: I’m eating mostly meat and veg, with some nuts as snacks. Have started eating goat yogurt as a probiotic

Mashanshell wrote: it led me to binge after binge on nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate 🙁

Are you still eating these foods? Too much meat (any red meat) will set you back for a number of reasons, and the yoghurt probably has too much sugar unless it’s Greek-style. Have you seen the protocol members on the forum are following? Check Able’s post here if not. There’s an allowed foods list which’ll give you some idea of what to eat and what to avoid.

You’ll want to take a strong probiotic supplement in addition to things like Greek yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut. This is what will really help restore the balance that the antibiotics indiscriminately destroyed. I don’t know how much longer doctors are going to be allowed to ignorantly give their patients immune deficiencies and GI problems as a “treatment”.

Mashanshell wrote: once I completely stay away from sugar and carbs, the cravings subside.

You pretty much answered your own question here. It took me about three weeks or so before the cravings completely disappeared. I was looking at some chocolates I used to like yesterday, but I couldn’t even imagine eating them. It made my stomach feel a bit uneasy. A few weeks ago I was imagining ravenously chomping them and my stomach seemed to be crying out for them. I think after your body adjusts to a fat-based metabolism, it naturally puts you off carby foods, whereas normally you crave something to quickly boost your blood sugar.