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impossible;50537 wrote: That hetero CBS mut’s, particulary the c699t, is why you dont tolerate sulfur foods, that enzyme is an upregulation that funnels homocysteine out of the methionene cycle at a much higher rate. You are basically creating alot of extra ammonia, taurine, and sulfites/sulfates. Unfortunately there is no suox result to determine whether or not you are converting sulfites (toxic) into sulfates (good). Its a low sulfur/ cysteine diet for life for you.

Hmmm…. interesting. Can’t genetic mutations be turned on and off throughout your lifetime though?

I’m optimistic that I won’t have to eat a special diet for the rest of my life. Up until ~3 years ago (I’m 23 now) I had no noticeable food intolerances and was relatively healthy.

raster;50540 wrote: This is exactly why you should consult a doctor about this…


Raster, I’m already seeing a holistic doc. No treatment decisions will be made solely off of impossible’s suggestions. I was just curious to get his opinion.

impossible;50541 wrote: Oh, get your family, kids, etc tested. Dont forget, its genetic.

None of my family has taken the 23andme test besides me, but I did get my mom and grandmother to get hair tests for mercury. Unsurprisingly, both came back positive for mercury and it was uncanny how similar all of our results looked.