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I thought I’d share some insight with my leaky gut. Which I did heal to a point. Now on the recovery stage again.

I found out I had IBS about 7 months ago. I learned it was the cause of so many of my problems at the time. Gluten and soy allergy’s being one of them. Back then gluten wasn’t making me feel bad nor was I having allergic reactions to them. The only sigh I had was IBS related issues and this constant vibration feeling I had for over a month. After a month or two. My chronic constipation and diarrhea went away. From fixing my diet and going gluten and soy free. 6 months in I was living a new life.

For reasons to not waste your time. I tried gluten again after this 6 month period and developed a leaky gut with candida and major allergic problems and a vitamin D deficiency. It took me a good month or so to fight this issue with my cravings of the love of food. Where I’d react to about most meets but fish. All oil’s Fruits and some veggies.

Within a month I felt real, relief. After 2 weeks after feeling real relief. I was introducing other foods again in my diet within this 2 week period. In till I got the bright idea of trying milk again. I know people who have problems with gluten, should stay away from it. I didn’t have any problems with it so It was fine for me. I know now it was a big mistake to take milk in to my diet so soon after the healing of my leaky gut. I will most likely stay away from milk for a year or for good.

Milk caused my leaky gut symptoms to come back. I’m now over one month in fighting this again. It’s harder then before. Since my chronic constipation and diarrhea has come back since 2 weeks ago. These last 2 weeks I’ve been reacting to things that were fine 2 weeks before, before my constipation came back. I wake up every morning with an allergic reaction on my hand and ear infections. I feel as my whole gut has slowed down to the point. To when I wake up and stand up. The gut starts to move again and something I eat before is moving again causing an allergic reaction. I’m sure my IBS problems ATM have something to do with this.

I wasn’t so strict this time around and its why it’s taking so long to heal it again. Don’t make the mistakes I did and take this very serious. The sooner you take action, the sooner it’ll heal.

What Helped Me:

Staying away from all fruits, sugar’s, meets (But Fish) and oil’s and taking in Probiotics. At the end of my first healing of the leaky gut (Which took me about a month). I only eat One to Two cucumbers a day for 2 weeks straight. As I was going crazy over my leaky gut. I ended up losing about 15 Pounds at the time and had little to no energy to do much. It was the price I payed to heal my gut. You need to go to the extreme’s some times if nothing else helps you quick enough. All I know is, the sooner you stop reacting to foods. The sooner you’ll heal. So take my advise. If their is foods you find that you are fine after eating. Stay on a very very strict diet for a few weeks and start trying to reintroduce other foods after wards to see if you react to them. For some reason, I don’t react to eggs or notice it. I stay away from them anyway.

If you can afford vitamin supplements and protein supplements you should. I didn’t because I couldn’t. You might also have a vitamin D deficiency, getting at least 20-30 minutes of some nice sunshine a day will help you in this. It helped me.

I hope this helps out others out there fighting this same issue.