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this is a very good question and am still trying to figure this out myself. I have been on some type of diet since Sept ’12. On January 1 went very strict (Able’s diet). Then in early Feb, cheated for the first time with a melon and blueberries all in one sitting. During the night I felt biting on my skin and was a bit itchy. Then, back on the strict diet (with Nystatin all the while), until last week when I cheated with a granny smith apple. Still a bit of biting, but no where near the Feb cheat. Tonight, I had my 2nd cheat this month – another granny smith apple. almost immediately I felt biting – but perhaps it is in my head. Seems to have gone away now, we’ll see during the night. I have literally been eating nothing but meat & veggies, everyday since Jan 1 – no grains for me. Just avocadoes, meat, salads, bone broth, lots of fish. I am at my wit’s end with this diet. Am trying to follow SCD/GAPS, and anti-candida principles all in one (so no grains, legumes, dairy) – oh, plus the anti-inflammatory diet – so no nuts either I’m allergic to a lot of things too, so that’s part of the reason. I just want fruit back, and then I would be happy. My tongue is clear, except for a patch in the back that can easily be brushed away, but then comes back. But it isn’t furry. So I would say, if you get weird sensations, your candida probably isn’t gone. And it takes a long time to go away.