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alexparginos wrote: able says it will not be oxidized and you say it will get oxidized, O MY GOD, dont know what to believe anymore

Alex, calm down and try not being so dramatic. And when you quote me, please post the exact quote so that you won’t misquote what I say.
I DID NOT say that eggs won’t oxidize, never did I write that anywhere.

This is basically what I wrote to you in an email.

Some of us get wrapped up in little details which aren’t that important instead of looking at the big picture.

The big picture is helping you to cure the infestation and become healthier and at the same time trying to make your life and the treatment as easy to understand and get through as possible.

A huge problem with the treatment is boredom with the food; if frying an egg now and then helps you to continue eating them instead of eating meat, then I say fry yourself an egg now and then. I did this throughout my treatment along with boiling eggs as well and I still managed to cure my infestation with no other problems.

This isn’t a bunch of lifetime habits you’re developing, it’s a treatment for a Candida overgrowth which hopefully will end sooner than later.