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Vegan Catlady
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I cant even wait, Im doing another day of fruit tomorrow.
Bought several pints of strawberries and red grapes.

Today I ate coconut yogurt and later on lightly baked broccoli, salads and crackers, lentil tabouli on toasted food-for-life Ezekiel bread…

Decided if I cant do fruit everyday, I will stagger it.

The point of me eating fruit is to clean out the body’s cells.
I would not put something as bad for candida as fruit in my body for an entire day if I was not reaping some benefit from it.
I have to say, the feeling on the next day after a fruit day is euphoric.

I hope this doesnt hurt my candida numbers too bad. Im feeling so much better lately.

I feel like most of my issues are adrenal-related,and since I have been addressing that it seems like there is more confidence and less negativity.
Dr Morse says the adrenals are responsible for neurotransmitters and that would make sense in how im feeling lately.

I dont want to ruin anything by eating too much fruit, but the days that go I all day eating only fruit I feel lighter and cleaner.
My stomach is flat and empty the next day, my face is clear and my attitude is better.

Im told im moving stagnant-lymph when I eat only fruit, and that may be true for people who are not all congested with candida, but I have to tread this lightly while im still battling over-growth, or all the clear moving lymph in the world wont matter if I cant swallow my own spit by the end of the day.

Anyway, I do feel like kaka after eating crackers.
So dont do that,lol. Crackers=bad.