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I totally agree that you should only speak from experience.
So in the past I have tried multiple things. I’ve gone through Rx anti fungals and now am almost done with being on 2 weeks of a natural anti fungal known as garden of life fungal defense. It consists of large amounts of garlic, oregano, etc. I also have coconut oil that i take a little with every meal. I started taking Molybdnum cuz i thought i wasn’t absorbing anything i was taking. For lyme i am on an herbal protocol know as cowmen program. This is 2 part detox 2 part herbs that cleanse different areas of the body of the lyme bacteria. For probiotics i am taking 2 capsules 3 times a day (6 total) of Persque probiotic. It contains a human strand that is supposed to be a better aid. I am also taking sachromyces boulardii twice a day. I am also on thyroid medicine 90 mg. My diet (when I’m not binging…today was preeeettyyy bad) but i am gluten free, dairy free, i eat fish (only low mercury–cod, salmon, halibut, whiting) and sautéed veggies or steamed. these consist of brussel sprouts broccoli cauliflower asparagus zucchini and spinach. Thats all i feel i can tolerate but when i do eat that stuff the only regular bowel movement i have is in the morning, then throughout the rest of the day its constipation with little bowels. I am also taking magnesium 2 capsules twice a day (its part of the cowmen protocol) and of course garlic. And antibiotic free hormone free eggs, veggies are also all organic. i also drink a shit ton of water, probably 6 liters a day easily also with herbal teas (licorice, peppermint). Tomorrow I’m going to start on the three day cleanse cuz i ate so poorly today…