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Vegan Catlady
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Okay….so I have a new plan, based on not feeling happiness ooze out of me with the diet/schedule I have presently.

I have Kidney formula and Lymph formula coming from Dr Morse’s Cellular Botanicals.

The teas im drinking are great…but I want to move this along and do some digging.

After consulting with one of his assistants, im comfortable that no antifungals will be needed ever again ( halleluja,lol ).

When he asked why I wasnt on a parasite formula and I told him I have bad experiences with specific antifungals, he said ” Doesnt matter anyway. Once you get the kidneys filtering, the lymph moving, and the acidosis removed, the overgrowth goes away anyway. The parasite formula just can make it go faster .”

That resonates with me, because Im already seeing a difference and I havent been on anything stronger than garlic and coconut oil since early Febuary.

No probiotics, no odd supplements,no enzymes. Just the occasional vitamin C and biotin.

I tried to eat something very sweet yesterday just to see how far my throat has come, and it got sore…but only towards the top of my throat. Not feeling it in my esophagus anymore…which doesnt mean it isnt there, but I think its getting there slowly.

I have been wanting to do a deep cellular detox for a long time, but with the holidays I never got around to it. Now the overgrowth forces me to move on it, but im kind of glad.
I want to get back in shape but not all congested.

So by the end of next week I will be on:
Vit C 3X a week
Biotin when I think of it
Adrenal gland tincture
Endocrine glands tincture
Kidney tincture
Lymph tincture
*maybe* Heal-All Tea

and if that sounds like alot,lol, consider that there are 8 different lymph and 3 different kidney formulas based on strength….and im starting with the weakest formulas.

Im tough but im not crazy.