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candidamente wrote: Hi Able, thanks!

I don’t hold a license yet, but I am not marketing anything either.
All I would like to do is suggest a list of herbs that anyone can buy and put together to fight Candida. Because many people don’t have the time to do so I was offering to do the job for them. I can even do it for free provided I get all the ingredients.

The herbs I have put together are a few of those recommended on your site as well, plus those I found during the months in other candida remedies available to buy in shops. All I have done is buy the same ingredients at the herbal shop to save some money, since a longer cure is needed, that way I can prevent candida from happening again without investing big amounts of money that I can save by making the capsules myself.

I am an Herbalist student and I also have the supervision of a Clinical Nutrion, so I know what I am doing 🙂

Hopefully soon after my course I will be holding a license so I can advice people without incurring in any issues 🙂

Feel free to share you knowledge with us. What kind of herbs are killing the candida, which kind of herbs are helping us with a leaky gut to heal the intestines, which herbs are helping us in cleansing the toxins out of the body and protecting the liver. Do you know herbs which help with adrenal fatigue?

thanks for all teachings!