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Thanks for the replies Able. You are very kind to take the time to respond to so many people’s questions, problems, and trying to help them. Yes, I have been frustrated lately because I have been doing rotation on food lately, trying new flours, etc. As you said, you practically tried all the flours out there. Maybe my body is not ready for it yet when I thought I might be able to experiment a little bit more.

For now, I am going to try and go back to some to the beginning of some recommendations that I met with my integrative doctor in December. I have a follow-up in May. Some of the advice she gave me really helped, but other things I found did not work out so well, including surprisingly some of the foods she recommended that feed candida. I guess it is still trial and error on some people to find out what works for them.

I am excited that sf722 is going to be shipping out. I have some on backorder, so hopefully that should get here soon! Everybody raves about it, so I am curious.

I think you summed up some answers for me. I think the only other question I have, which I have asked a million times, and yes, you have answered it; however, I am not sure what to do about it. I definitely intolerant to whey and casein, even in the smallest amount. So, even though I am not ingesting milk on a lactoferrin supplement, I am still having cow, whey.

Now, as I pointed out, I found that I can stand goat yogurt, which I have been having for breakfast lately. I don’t mind it. I read the other day that a few other people found they tolerated this better, too. I found on iherb that their is a goat colostrum/lactoferrin supplement I think; do you think that might work just as well? Less lactose, less harsh on my system.

I really need the iron, and I know my integrative doctor recommended lactoferrin to me, and after reading this form; I know why!

Also, if I didn’t tolerate that, I think I read that you mentioned something about a pure form of iron called pur-absorb; I think I have some in the cabinet here, but I haven’t taken it that much. I think you said that is beneficial because, like you mentioned, it is pure. Anyways, thanks for your help!

Alex, I looked into the hemp milk online; I found their was an unsweetened version of hemp milk with no sugar, but yes, the regular is full of sugar. I am curious though, is carcinogen bad; I never thought about it before because I have read that in a few ingredients on things!