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Javizy;26772 wrote: I’ve heard vitamin A is really effective for acne. If you make sure you’re supplementing vitamin D, you can take pretty high doses of A without toxicity. Might be worth experimenting with, since they have many other health benefits. Vitamin E taken topically can help heal scars as well.

Be careful with taking too much vitamin A. I was only taking 30 to 40 thousand IU’s which is a lot less than the mega doses they prescribe to fight acne and I was getting pretty bad vertigo and just an all round off feeling. It certainly can affect everyone different though and everyone’s tolerances are different. Beta carotene is probably a safer bet but it honestly didn’t do much for me.

The only thing that did anything for me was green powder from dr kim’s website. That cut down on my acne by about 90 percent by didn’t fully clear it cause I was still eating a lot of garbage.

This so far has been the only silver lining for me after being on the candida diet for 2 weeks is that I’ve had no new acne flareups which is pretty monumental for me. Usually I get a brand new pimple a week at least. At my worst it’s cystic acne.

After 12 years of fighting acne, I guess I found the cause. Any other time I’d be thrilled but unfortunately the whole feeling of dying from Candida die off is kind of ruining it lol