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Caitie wrote: So my questions are…

Hello, Caitie.

1)I usually wake up feeling great and hungry, but as soon as I eat breakfast I start to feel horribly ill. Is this the candida rejecting the food I ate because it isn’t the sugar/ wheat that it wanted?

Reply: What do you eat for breakfast?

2) Can I have olives and avocado at the beginning of week 2 if still having die off symptoms? If yes, how much per day for each? 3) Does it matter if I have green or black olives?

Reply: Avocados are fine for the diet, perfect in fact. Olives are usually packed in distilled vinegar, if you have this, you’ll probably receive a Candida reaction to it. Green or black are fine, as long as there is no distilled vinegar involved.

4) I wanted to make an egg white mayonnaise dip that has egg whites, salt, mustard powder, garlic, olive oil and apple cider vinegar in it; but can I have apple cider vinegar and mustard powder at the beginning of week 2 while I still have diet symptoms? If yes, how much of this dip can I have?

Reply: The recipe should be fine; the mustard powder is both an antifungal and antiseptic. The problem comes when you have a commercial mustard spread made with distilled vinegar.

5) If I do introduce olives, avocado, mustard powder and apple cider vinegar-can I introduce them all at once?

Reply: I would space these at least 4 days apart – just in case there’s a reaction you’ll know what caused it.

6) Should I introduce coconut flour at the end of week 2 or introduce it when my die-off symptoms are gone?

Reply: Now should be fine, but definitely use it as a test food.