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So your diet is the main problem and your secondary problem is your lack of supplements. I don’t see anything listed in your supplement list that addresses detoxing the toxins. If you don’t detox the toxins, they will build up in the body and you will feel bad…this will damage the liver and kidneys. This needs to be prevented as much as possible.

You are also not following the stages of the diet. You need to start out strict and then get less strict over time. You are consuming items that should be found on stage 3 of the diet, which is basically when you are symptom free. These include the oats (which contain gluten), brown rice (which contains sugar and high levels of starch which convert to sugar), beans (high in starch and stage 2 item), and nuts (stage 2). Nuts are only safe if you soak them and/or roast them to remove the molds.

Your probiotic is not one of the ones we recommend on the forum. We recommend a probiotic derived from humans (HMF neuro) and a high strain, high count probiotic (megaflora). You are only consuming 3 strains and I don’t know the billion count, but its likely low. You won’t get better quickly if you have a weak probiotic.

You need a ton more vitamins on the diet and likely more minerals and/or fatty acids.

Yes most of the information out there is contradictory and this is why we are here to help.