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Ok so an update..

The aggressiveness of the bumps did go down when I started with the molybdenum and also when I started using the calamine lotion. So it did calm down for a while, but my chest is still itchy and I still have all these zitlike itchy things all over the chest. I’ve googled these things and it seems like it could be a sign of die-off since other people seem to get it, which is what keeps me on the strict diet. Here’s a pic I found online and this is kind of how it looks. They’re not all that red on me, but new red ones do come occasionally.

But seriously, is this ok? Am I doing something wrong? I haven’t even started with antifungals yet in fear of it getting worse.
And last Saturday I had a lot of radishes, and that night the itching was killing me. I woke up felt like I was going crazy because the chest was feeling so itchy. Also I had this really dry cough and couldn’t stop coughing. I don’t know really, but my suspicion was that radishes may be anti fungal and that the itching got worse that night because of this. But anyway..what to do? I’m really sick of looking and feeling like this. Is it really die off?
I can see that some of them are starting to fade away just like MagnuM said, but I don’t know what to do since new ones keep coming..

Any advice is highly appreciated!