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healinglight wrote: Thank you Benc. Unfortunately I cannot even find Hemp seeds or Chia seeds in India. 🙁 In fact my diet is all the more restrictive because of this reason, most of the foods (and supplements)mentioned for the diet are not available here. I can include organic Flax seeds though, and also I found organic flax seed powder supplement in a store here, though I haven’t bought it as yet. Do you think I can include lentils and beans with very low GI in my diet? I have researched a little about GI of Indian foods and found that some of the lentils and beans have a GI of less than 30. Do you think I could safely include these in my diet for protein?

Unfortunately beans/legumes turn over into glucose which will feed candida, they are also high in phytoestrogens (although soaking can reduce that I believe). I’m at the 6 month stage & maybe once or twice per month I have lentils in a curry, but I know they are not a part of the treatment.

Being a vegan makes this diet even harder, I would make sure you eat plenty of high protein veg. Can you get coconut flour?

You are right about nuts in regards to mould as a part of the treatment, but you are wrong about worrying about fat. Good fats will aid in weight loss, your more likely to put body fat on from not having enough good quality calories in your diet than the other way round. Your body will be cannibalising itself otherwise. If you can get avocado’s I would make these a part of your daily protocol.