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Thank you for your response flailingWcandi.

One of the major considerations I have on this treatment is the financial concerns.

I have had candida overgrowth in my body from 14 years, since I went through the treatment for Potts’ Spine, the symptoms got really severe after a surgery I went through ten years ago, and I am 30 years of age at present.
I am living with my parents. I cannot keep up with the research work I undertook in a PhD program, I took up a job but had to give it up because of my health concerns. Right now I am unemployed and living with my parents (who with God’s grace are amazing, and support me in every way, without ever complaining). The kind of symptoms I have is making even every small activity some “work” for me.

I know the odds are against me, since most of the foods and supplements to be taken on the diet are not available in India, and I do have financial constraints to an extent.

I have got Bentonite and Molybdenum from the US through a friend, which was very expensive in Indian rupees (considering the shipping cost).

I really would prefer going for local foods and herbs or supplements as far as I can do with them on the diet, considering the length of time I need to take these. Though my parents never complain, yet I do not wish to spend a lot of money and cause a financial strain on them.

I know my situation is daunting, but, I have every option but to ever give up.

I really value all the help and guidance that I am getting through all of you in the forum more than I can express.