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FeelingBad;40161 wrote: Thank You, I’m going to check that out, but what do you mean about liver symptoms?

Raster is talking about the damage that the Candida toxins, aldehyde and alcohol, can do to the liver. For this you can go ahead and start taking the herb, Milk Thistle. Below is the information shown in the “cleanse” section of the protocol.

Milk Thistle
To cleanse and protect the liver as well as for liver damage from the Candida toxin, aldehyde, the recommended dose of milk thistle is 420 mg/day containing at least 70-80% silymarin. Silymarin is a flvonoid that is extracted from the seeds of milk thistle and is the beneficial part of the herb.

The highest amount recommended is 560 mg/day for 16 days; after 16 days the dose can be reduced to 430 mg a day. This amount is recommended for intrahepatic cholestasis treatment, but the same amount could be taken if severe liver damage is suspected. The dose you decide to take should be spread out over approximately a 16 hour period.

At these doses, the herb will bind with as well as coat the liver cells, and the photochemical properties can heal any previous liver damage as well as protect the liver from future damage. The silymarin shields the liver from toxic substances. This flavonoid also encourages the liver to grow new cells. Milk thistle capsules can be taken throughout your treatment.

After reading the protocol which Raster linked for you, if you decide you’d like to have the forum diet, let me know by private message on the forum.